Other Barcode Images

If you have number that you require Code39 or Code128 or other barcode format images for, these can be purchased here. Enter the quantity of different barcode numbers you require the images for, and enter the barcode numbers and format required (if known) in the ‘additional information’ section when checking out. We will email you your barcode images as attached files in 4 different formats (jpeg, png, svg, pdf). These images are sent in a standard size of 38x25mm – If you require a different size, please specify this in the ‘additional information’ section along with your barcode numbers.


Quantity    Price per image
1 100 AED
2 80 AED each
3 70 AED each
4 + 50 AED each


Note – All prices are in the United Arab Emirates Dirham 

Other Barcode Images (Code39, Code128 etc)

د.إ 100.00